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Dynamic Martial Arts Gi for Michael and Victoria 4. preliminary positioning of the clothes and the simulation takes care of placing the clothes correctly around. NET shares 3D contents for daz3d studio and poser. You also get 3dsmax, maya, contents, Kung-Fu Clothes for M3. Trail Running Shoes 4 for Genesis. KUNG-FU CLOTHES for M3 is a comforming clothing pack for Daz3D Michael M3 This pack includes 4 new comforming clothes: chinese tunic, Kung-Fu top. Dragonsbane Barbarian Clothes HD for Genesis 3 Male(s). .95. Urban Survivors for Genesis 3 Kung-Fu Clothes for M3. .95. Omega Huntress X. .95.

Fire Fighter Outfit for Michael 4: Boots; Glove; Helmet; Jacket; Trousers; Hand Axe; OXGEN Mask; OXGEN Tank; Short Hair; T Shirt. Textures: 9 Texture and.

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